Functionality and Their Relationships

We are going deep into source codes. Where can we find documentaion about the source modules’ functionality and their relationships?

For example, panda3d-1.8.1\dtool\src\cppparser*.* are codes for p3cppParser. Why should we write an own cppParser, and which modules uses them?

I don’t think this documentation exists. There’s a file called PACKAGE-DESC in panda/src, but it’s outdated.

libp3cppParser parses C and C++ code. It is used by interrogate, which scans C++ sources and builds Python wrappers for them.

I found a diagram of General Game Engine Architecture:

Is there any similar diagram for Panda3D ?

It seems that we meet an advanced part of Panda3D, can you offer us some theory information or documentation, e.g., paper about interrogate?

I once started to map the modules based on that book (Game Engine Architecture), but I stopped at the first draft… :frowning:
I guess it’s of no use as is now, but anyway…

Thanks! Nautical Map of Panda3D. :smiley: