Fullscreen in Panda3d 1.2.3

Hi all!

I seem to be having some trouble getting into ‘fullscreen’ mode in Panda3d version 1.2.3. The methods I’m familiar with using (including setting the “fullscreen” config property and this code snippet):

wp = WindowProperties()

… are not working. Has anyone else had similar trouble? This appears to work in Panda 1.1.0, but not 1.2.3.


Thank you for the suggestion!

Unfortunately, I have tried all of the methods listed in both the forum thread linked and the forum thread containing bobrost’s code, and none of them have worked. Perhaps it is an issue with my graphics card; I’m running Windows XP Pro and have a Gigabyte Radeon 9600 Pro card. I am currently running Panda3D 1.2.3.

Has anyone else been able to get the engine to switchover to fullscreen mode in Panda3D 1.2.3? I’d feel more confident if at least someone else has been able to reach that mode in this version specifically.

Thank you for your help!

Try this way instead:

wp = WindowProperties()
base.openMainWindow(props = wp)

The problem is that nowadays, base.openMainWindow() might implicitly call graphicsEngine.openWindows() before it returns–and once a window has been opened, it’s too late to set its fullscreen property. So you now have to pass the desired properties in from the beginning.