Full screen mode

I am using dual monitor and I want Panda3D to full-screen on both of them, like in NVidia Surround. I put full-screen to true in the prc file, however it full-screens only on one screen (can I change which screen it full-screens on, it always does on my primary one?). So I made the window size to fit both monitors and positioned it. This worked. However, normally, when you do this to any program, if you go to the border of window to resize it and click, it messes up the full-screen and brings the window down to access decorations (close, minimize etc). So I was wondering if I set undecorated to true, will this still happen? Is there a way to full-screen on both monitors? However I noticed that I am unable to resize the window when positioned perfectly. If the window is positioned with offset of 1 pixel (any axis), I can resize it and full-screen is messed up.

Also on the topic of full-screen, how does Panda3D deal with the camera resizing to fit window, clearly, it doesn’t stretch to fit. So does it resize (proportionally) the camera view to fit window and then trim off excess?