FTL Jump Effect

Hello. Can i do this with python modules of panda3d?

Particles and glow filters didn’t help me.
I want some so much bright light. i mean like one makes any other objects in the way disappear, but the pure whiteness?
And the linear radiations,
are those things possible? I’m not even talking about the colorful lens effects or any other things.
Some help would be awesome, thanks. (:

Simple way - use billboard with animated texture effect. You should diasble lighting for it to get clean color and set rendering order, if you wish to overlap other objects.

Hard way - use shaders. It more complex, but can get more spectacular result.

Okay, thanks. It looks like there is so much to do.

One simple way to do it is to make a card that is rendered in front of everything else, and set the ColorBlendAttrib such that it adds to the colour of the objects below it. This will make the bright parts wash out any objects behind it with “light”.

The fancier way is to use the bloom effect that ships with CommonFilters.

It sounds really good. I don’t know about cards though, but i’ll check. Those billboards and all, idk, i want light. also it sounds little tiresome. I already have bloom effect but it doesn’t do a real deed with my code.
I’m using the brightest material as possible, setting a glow filter and all but no joy.
And I don’t know nothing about the shaders. I’m not sure if i can get into those unknown waters either. Can some newbie like me do shaders, or can you give me a start? just for this purpose. i don’t want to know all of it, i just want brighter light. for now.

Edit: The card, wait. I’ve already got the card things from the sample glow filter program.

Edit2: I think i got some out-of-control bright light. I’m gonna work on it, but still, happy to take any advices about shaders.

I was working with the Volumetric Lighting Filter. I fixed my little bug according to the correction you give here: [url]Volumetric lighting in latest build] But i’m not really happy with the outcome.

I really have no idea what’s happening in this part of coding but, i was thinking…

  • Can you (obviously I can’t) insert a code to disable Volumetric Light for non-glowing objects, same like the bloom filter not blooming when the alpha texture is black.
    And uh… Here! More illiteracy comes: I saw some shader files in the filter folder. It seems like filters kinda apply shaders all over the place. Why not use them (shaders) only on whatever we want to?

  • Can i use this filters or shaders in sequences, or change some of their attributes in time, for making FTL like effects, like shining and disappearing by time and such, without messing up the renderer.

  • In the end, using billboards with animated texture effects indeed seems the simple way, but how can i possibly do something like that? I mean isn’t it still so hard? Are there any softwares making this any easier? And can this one help me achieve my goal about FTL effect, like the real one?

Thanks for any help (:

Filters are post-processing effects. You can’t apply them selectively to objects.

However, you can set the volumetric lighting shader to use the output of the bloom pass as input.