from direct.stdpy import threading no .isDaemon() support?

Hey everyone, so I was reading and testing out my code to make sure its all working when I came across some old code that wasn’t working right. This was do to changing the old threading way to the new panda one. It seems isDaemon() is not support cus the thread blocks the main thread from running. Did I make a mistake or something?

from direct.stdpy import threading

      DeBugthread = threading.Thread(target=self.DeBug)

The “daemon” interface means only that the thread will automatically stop running when the main program exits. It has nothing to do with whether the thread will block the main thread from executing or not.

Panda threads are cooperative, unlike standard threads; this means that your thread has to call self.considerYield() from time to time to allow the main thread to run. This cooperative-threading feature can be seen as an advantage, because it reduces the need to pay as much attention to critical sections, since thread contexts will only change at certain well-defined points.