fresh issues compiling CVS HEAD

today I checked and compiled the actual CVS situation but I’m taking bad words from my compiler right after an apparently good compilation and during the automated stage that builds up the deb package installer:

note that it is not the first time I build up the p3d trunk but it’s the first time I get this kind of stop. Does anybody else getting this as well (and got clues too)?

The error message sounds suspicious enough: You have the “rpm” package installed on a debian system, and thus makepanda will try to build an rpm, but the “rpmbuild” on your system doesn’t support building rpm’s. It’s a weird thing, but you need to disable or remove the rpmbuild packages.

I’m not into this stuff but looks like it works indeed like that: first it build a rpm and then is converted in a .deb but I assure you that nothing changed in my system from my last build (CVS 2008-11-24) and this new one.
Anyway ASA I got time I’ll try to go deeper into it and report back.

Just remove the rpmbuild binary from your installation by uninstalling the package. Or, comment out the lines in makepanda that build the .rpm. You just need a .deb.

It could be that I recently made the detection for the rpmbuild binary smarter or so, dunno.

as usual right on pro_rsoft now I got my shiny installer

For the record:
Hmm, since various users reported this issue on IRC, I’ve just checked in some changes that removes the rpm building when on a debian system.