FreeBSD support

FreeBSD support?

  • Yes, please.
  • No, waste of effort.
  • I don’t care, not gonna use it anyway.

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I’ve been doing Panda3D development mainly on FreeBSD lately, and I’m kind of wondering if there would be interest in the community if I provided official FreeBSD downloads and support for it in the web plugin. I’m asking because I don’t want to create and maintain something that ends up unused, but on the other hand if there are people that would use it, I’d be happy to maintain an official FreeBSD port.

I can’t say I use FreeBSD anymore, but when I looked into it, I liked it a fair amount. I once had my home fileserver running it, but now I can’t remember what made me like it.

I think its far better to supporting the existing stuff better. Like openAL, better Shaders for DX, more releases…

On the other hand, to some degree the best thing to do for Panda is the thing that makes you happiest. I agree that fixing OpenAL support, or improving the DirectX shaders, is important; but you have to make yourself happy first. :slight_smile: It’s no fun to do just grunt work on a project. So go ahead and add official FreeBSD downloads if that’s more satisfying, because that’s useful too–even if there are no FreeBSD users today, there might be some tomorrow; but maybe not if there weren’t an easy way for them to try it. :slight_smile:


I fully agree, when you have the official FreeBSD repos it’ll also be a lot easier to work for yourself.

Making an official FreeBSD port would be an incredible resource for developers!