FreeBSD port


Is there a port or package for FreeBSD? I found a poll and some threads talking about it but found no port. I can help making it or maintaining it if there’s a halfwork done.



Welcome to the forums! There’s no port at the moment, but the build script (makepanda) should work for FreeBSD, and if you add the --installer flag, it will generate a FreeBSD installer package that you can install using pkg_add and uninstall using pkg_delete.

Let me know if you run into any problems. I haven’t tested the FreeBSD build in a while, so it’s possible that issues crept in.

Thanks i’m going to try it now. If there are any problem, can i post them in this thread or should i open a new one at Installation Forum?

Adding a port to freebsd ports tree may make it more visible to freebsd developers.

You can post them either here or in a new thread, it doesn’t matter, I will see it anyway.

Right, adding a port would make it more accessible, but it’d also add a significant maintenance burden. I’d be happy to, but only if there are enough people interested to justify the investment.