Free world makers?

I have no world maker
and i need to figure out which ones could be good for a non-expert graphic maker
i can read some books on it
but i just need a 3d world maker

thats free
easy to use
drag n drop
X or .egg support or plugin

i have tried
3d max
I dont really know about those maybe i can get help?
i dont know but i cant get it working

i can only advice you to dive into blender (or any other 3d-modeling software that you can afford) even if it looks very complex in the beginning.
spend some afternoons with reading the blender wiki and do some tutorials, also check the web for video-tutorials.
it IS worth the time, and you will just love the abilities and control you will learn :wink:

I’ll second that and let you know that if you need more help you can always hang out over at :

Blender is as you know free, has many great tutorials and of course object placement is easy.

Panda has a native SceneEditor but its not really actively maintained as far as I know so blender is prob. your best bet for your criteria.

Good luck and have fun.


Its not a real world maker, but it is a good 3d-modeling tool, that could make full size towns, called Deled. It also has a great forum help, so if you ever need or want to ask anything.

I can second that Blender isn’t a bad tool.

However, you need to bend your mind quite some until you get the hang of it. Afterwards its said to be a good modelling software. Too bad I never had the time to dive into Blender. The Interface frightens me away everytime after another half an hour… :frowning:

Never heard of delgine, through… note that only the “lite”-edition seems to be free.

Regards, Bigfoot29

Blender FTW.

That is all I have to say.

Oh and this.

I am a multimedia designer, I started with 3Ds max/maya, ended up in Blender. Coming from 3Ds/maya, Blender’s interface is different, but I wouldn’t say it is frightening (comments like those tend to steer ppl away from Blender).

It’s not like going from MS word to open office writer that’s for sure, but that’s because blender is a specialised tool, it just approaches 3D modeling in a different way. I’d say it is like going from windows to OSX (blender == OSX), looks similar but behaves a hell of a lot differently, but ends up being easier to work with.

If you are really set out to learn it then it takes no time at all.

Is a good site for video tutorials. It is at an intermediate level, and the version of blender he is using is a bit old. But the principles still stand.

specifically geared towards blenders game engine.


Well, since I am less than a part time modeller (modelling actually near-to-never) I am quite more comfortable with Wings3D if it comes to static models (no actors) since that makes sense out of the box.

Or lets say it in a different way: Things are where and how you expect them to be after working with computer programs for years.

Blender has its own GUI-style. it might be better if you work with that in a professional way, but for me - running modelling software once each six months or so - it remains keeping me clueless.

Sure, I have read and seen dozens of tuts about Blender. Everytime I start modelling I say “Well, lets try Blender (again)!” - ending up at the same location trying to remember what the shortcut was that I do need or what windows I’d have to put where or how basic things could be done mentioned in the tuts before. It just doesn’t really reach my mind since I can’t make logical connections between the things already known from “common sense” and things solved in Blender. Sure, “frightens” is a hard word - but you can also say “it ‘angers’ me away” because I am not going to follow a tut a dozen of times just to get a basic object done that is not exactly mentioned in the tutorial (but quite similar).

So no, I don’t recommend Blender for Beginners unless they are willing to change the way they used programs till now. - And that don’t get frustrated too easily.
I am a Beginner in modelling and I am easily being frustrated - so Blender is nothing for me cuz’ until I reach a level of knowledge making it easy to work with Blender, I kicked it already outta window. And even if not - I would have forgotten the special behaviour the 6 months later when I need a modelling software again. :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29