Free Games made with Panda

Hi everyone,

i have to prepare a workshop. the title of the workshop is “game developing”. the participants, me included, are not game developers. it a little excurse from the software developing :slight_smile:
so i thought, that in a part of the workshop (4 hours) we could make a small game with some free engine, and i found panda3D. even if its quite easy to learn some source of a small game would be very helpful. with google i found some games made with panda but the source code was not available. maybe this forum can help me :slight_smile:

bye and thanks a lot,


The workshop thing really sounds interesting. It could definately be a good idea.
You can find some short demos in the samples directory of your Panda3D distribution. Here is a list of all sample programs included.
Also, take a look at the Showcase and Coding Snipplets forum sections. Several small games have been posted there.

If you are looking for little sprints like this i recommend for python week long completion or 48 any language completion.


thanks for the answers. i already throw a look at some of the samples included in the panda installation directory, but they seem to me a little bit too basic, for being interesting in a 4-5 hour exercise.
Now i will search through this forum and the page posted by treeform (it looks quite interesting).

if you are interested i will post the exercise and the experience that we made during the workshop (end of july) with it, so maybe it could be helpful for some other.

thanks and have a nice day,

Check out the showcase section in the forums. There’s good stuff there that has code for you to look at.

You can go to panda3d projects- and look through stuff.

Unfortunately not many people have posted much there.

My page there is:

All my stuff there is open source. The most developed program is my space combat game. It’s a little more complex than what you could do in a few hours but it can give you some ideas.