Hi there i don’t know if what i want is correctly defined as a “framework”.
I have been using panda for a couple of months, and i really love it.

I found that i loose quite some time, trying to load models in the correct location, facing where i want, correct scale, etc. So i started to search an IDE, framework or whatever that allowed me to load models to the scene and being able to locate them, rotate them, scale them, etc using the mouse. Then save that and having the code auto-generated to start with other parts of the game, suchs as logic, AI, physics, etc…

perhaps being able to do all this from the framework too…

the only thing i found was a plugin for eclipse, but is not what i wanted (or perhaps didn’t know how to use it well :stuck_out_tongue: )

so… is there something out there like this? if not, is someone working on something similar?

in case answers to this questions are no, i would like to start developing one. Is this a good idea? is it something useful ?

well, hope i made myself clear, hehe…


Sounds like the infamous scene editor. If you search this forum for it, I am sure you will find lots of information about it.

yes, something like that. I downloaded an old panda (1.3.2) to get the SceneEditor… but i couldn’t make it work.

I’ve read some threads about it, and it seems it didn’t work quite well…

I was thinking something like that, but made entirely with panda (DirectGUI)

it seems there are a bunh of people interested on something like this, so i will try to start developing it when i have some spare time…

if someone wants to help, is welcome :smiley:

How about this :
I guess it’s a good start, though there are still 2 holes left.

Just need to hook the GUI & widgets, and perhaps these might be handy :

Please start it, upload something, and I’m sure ppl would love to put things in. :slight_smile: