frameColor? Not working

Well it is working but its confusing.

So if I go to photoshop get the RGB color number and put them in under the this code:

OnscreenText(text = "Science & Industry", pos = (-0.21, 0.40), scale=(0.065, 0.065), fg=(0, 101, 134, 1))

it gives me the right color.

But if i put in the same value under frameColor code:

DirectFrame(frameSize=(-0.7, 0.7, -0.4, 0.3), frameColor=(0, 101, 134, 1), pos=(0,0,0))

I get nothing close to the color that is displayed in the on screen text.

I did notice I can not get any color if using higher values than 1 or 0 (black or white) unless I do numbers such as .12, .231, .23 but still this is even more confusing having to use a decimal place because the RGB does not work how expected again.

Anyone explain this please?

All colors in Panda are floating-point numbers in the range 0…1, not integers in the range 0…255. This is the way colors work in 3-D interfaces such as OpenGL. To convert from a 2-D style color, divide each component by 255, so (0, 101, 134) becomes (0, 0.40, 0.53, 1).

This is the way OnscreenText works too.


0o ok haha makes sense thanks a bunch! It was really confusing since it says RGB in the manual I thought it was 0 to 255! Thanks!