framebuffer-stereo t/1

Dear Panda-ers,

I tried “framebuffer-stereo t” as we have the equipment to do so in our VR lab. However, the flag does not do anything. We do not see double image/flickring images.

Is there anything else I need to do before enabling the flag? The stereo support is already enabled.

Kind Regards,

Works fine for me. I believe you do need to be running OpenGL. Does your OpenGL driver include support for your hardware stereo?


It still doesn’t work. We have iz3d monitor with the opengl drivers to enable shutter glasses and other stereo modes. It works find with directX but not opengl.

Ah, we are returning the 3d monitor now to the seller.

If you run pview with framebuffer-stereo enabled, does it fail to open a window? (It should, since pview complains if it the achieved framebuffer doesn’t match the requested framebuffer).

Does putting ‘red-blue-stereo 1’ in your Config.prc enable the cheesy red-blue stereo effect? If it does, this proves that the Config.prc file is being read properly and that the stereo lens properties are correct.