FPS, falling through floor

Hello, I’m once again having some difficulties. While Panda3D and Python have treated me very well, I’m having a large amount of my problems come from the graphics portion of the game I’m starting up. As a starter, I’m using an FPS script provided by a fellow user. While that users pre-made level works fine, My own made levels do not. TO start out with, I made a plane, put on a few vertices, lowered and raised them, and exported the .egg file, and simply changed a small portion of the script to use my level. But now when I initiate the game, the camera falls right through the floor. Do I need to add a collision node? Or is there something I can do in blender to prevent this? the provided level works fine, and the .egg file doesn’t seem to be too different when examined using a text editor. Is anyone able to give me any tips?

you propably did not set collisions in blender. plese refer to the chicken manual chapter “Exporting ObjectType flags or Tags for your objects”. (clicking the “help” button in the chicken export menu will open up the manual)

Thanks. (^_^) Much appreciated. While I’m on the topic of blender questions, do you know what I can do to make an object “filled” so if I were to cut it in half, there would still be a lining on the outside, not just empty space. and also, what can I do to erase parts of an .egg file while in game? I know that using collisions I can do so, just not sure how it would be declared. (Blender or an egg file)

I know this probably doesn’t affect you at all, but if anyone else has problems with ODE not registering collisions with a triangle mesh exported from Blender, it’s probably because ODE doesn’t apply the transforms in the .egg file. In Blender with your mesh selected in object mode, hit Ctrl+A, then 1 to apply scale and rotation transforms to your object. If you have a translation transform, you’ll have to clear that (alt+G) and move all the vertices in edit mode.

Just posting this here for future reference. I think Panda’s collision detection does account for transforms in .egg files, so again this probably doesn’t affect you.

@et1337: that’s totaly not related. if you found a bug or a missing feature in the chicken exporter. please report it in the chicken,thread.

@binary(55): todays 3d-systems are all surface based. there is no such thing as a volume therefor you cant really cut through it. there are some algorithms to make good guesses which side of your geometry is solid and where to fill in new triangles but as far as i know they are not integrated into panda right now.
erasing parts of a model on the other hand is quite possible. either by directly manipulating the geometry (read the manual chapter about geometry modification). or if you wanna remove single parts of it, you can seperate the model into those parts to start with and just call hide() on them.