Format for export egg file

quale formato è migliore per un attore animato? obj, dae …? intendo il formato prima di trasportare il file in egg

Panda3D cannot currently import animated models from the .obj or .dae format. The best way is probably to import to a modelling suite like Blender, Maya or 3dsmax, and exporting directly to .egg from there.

i used blender. But for animating of actor i export a obj file and a bhv file in file egg? Or i use another format before exporting in egg file??

i expose my problem. I generated a actor with daz studio. I job with animation. after i export my model in obj format and bvh format(format for animation). My code is correct(if i load roading ralf: actor and animation then all ok) but the eggs file derived from file obj and bhv not have animation. what’s my error?

The .obj file format can store geometry, normals, vertx colors, uvs, but not animations.
The .bvh can store bone/joint hierarchy and animations but not the geometry (mesh).
So you have a model and a animated skeleton but no data on how the bones/joints should affect that model - what you are missing is the rigging (skinning).

There’s a export script for blender (yabe or chicken) that can write your model and anim to one or more egg files. It’s a good idea to use it. Or use .x format not .obj

tnk for answer.
then i have to exporting a object in obj and the exporting the skeleton. after i riggin the content the obj file with the skeleton and export in egg file. After i export bhv file and export in egg file. this operation export in egg file i do with blender-chicken. is all ok?
Another question. the exporting of the skeleton in that format?

Mesh+skeleton should be in one egg file, the animation in another egg file(or you could have it all in one file). It’s best to keep it all in the egg format and then switch to .bam when packing the game for end users (but panda can do that for you).

ok mesh + skeleton! i have this with file DAE obtained from daz studio (suppose file1.dae).
the animation i have with file bvh again from daz studio (suppose file2.bhv).
now i have one skeleton of file1.dae and one skeleton/animated file2.dae.
i esportare il file due uova e selvaggina carico. ora ho l’attore in gioco, ma non ho l’animazione.
the code is correct, i tested with roamingRalf file egg(actor and animation).
why my error?

i esportare il file due uova e selvaggina carico. ora ho l’attore in gioco, ma non ho l’animazione. =
i export the two file in egg and load game. now i have the actor in game, but don’t have the animation
Sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

Panda3D cannot currently load animations from .dae files.

ok but i load the skeleton with dae file. the animation in bhv file.they are distinct(i convert the two file in egg)
One note for my problem. I see that the skeleton from bhv is stop in blender. she move only one frame after she is stop. possibly the problem is in the export daz->bhv file?

ok now the skeleton(bvh file) in blender is move. But my problem remains.
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