For those who can't find DirectX modules in VS2k8

try adding this to your Project directories (at least under include and library files

//for include

//for library files

solved some of my build issues. Also, I noticed that dxgsgbase9.h includes dxerr9.h …which from what i can tell from MS is deprecated in favor of dxerr.h. This threw an error for me once while building, I forget the config I was trying to build (I have three on my machine), but it may be worth looking into if someone out there knows DirectX :slight_smile:



Funny, I just committed this two days ago. (It had to be reverted though, but I’ll recommit it in an 30 minutes as soon as I finish building.)

DXERR9, which was deprecated, was finally removed in the August 2009 SDK. So that must have been the one giving you problems. If you use makepanda it will now use the new DXErr library automatically if it detects the August SDK. If the detection failed, or for future SDK’s, it can also be forced passing


to makepanda.

Ahh I knew there was some stuff going on with dx9 in the repository, but I was just making sure someone saw it. Also about the Overides are they documented in the makepanda install docs? That’s the first time i’ve seen them. Aside from disabling packages anyway.

You can say they are indirectly covered yeah:

And --help explains override. It wouldn’t make much sense, imho, to document --override any further since the particular settings change very frequently. Just take a look in, the huge array of settings, that’s what you can override. You shouldn’t use it unless you know what you are looking for, though. I added that feature to be able to do the following, for example:

Disables config.prc loading, VC++ checked iterators (performance) and forces the library for the issue above (which isn’t necessary but just in case).