For all Maya 7.0.1 user IMPORTANT!

Sorry for the full caps in the title, just figured this out due to exporting issues.

I was having troubles exporting anything from Maya 7.0.1 using the mel exporter and the commandline. I went digging in the .mel script and found the problem. Open in up in wordpad and scroll down until you find the following:

global proc string argsBuilder()
string $args = “maya2egg”;

//get the version of maya and append it to the maya2egg call
string $mayaVersionLong = `getApplicationVersionAsFloat`;
string $mayaVersionShort = substituteAllString($mayaVersionLong, ".", "");
string $mayaVersionShort = substituteAllString($mayaVersionShort, "0", "");

below these lines add the following line:
string $mayaVersionShort = substituteAllString($mayaVersionShort, “1”, “”);

Without this, the mel script is assembling the command for which maya exporter to run incorrectly.

Hope this helps anyone out there with the same problem.