My partner and I are creating a 3D Space shooter using panda 3D. We’ve pretty much got the basic movement code down, which would represent a FPS movement style.

What we need though is a flycam style of movement.

Our question is if the following would be ideal to go with.

Rotating the object. Getting the object’s HPR, then establishing that as the object’s movement vector.

If somebody has a better, idea, please let us know what you would do.

What exactly do you mean by “flycam”?

A simple solution is always just to parent the camera to the object, and it will follow it around if the movement already works. Problems arise when you add in collisions etc, but as a simple start i think this would work out.

Had this nice elaborate idea all planned out and just needed to code it.

Of course… I changed one line of code and it worked the way I wanted it to.

Fuzzy, perhaps you should share the insight with the forums.

As for what is meant by “flycam,” it is short hand for flying camera.

It basically refers to a camera that can move as if it where flying. In this case, the camera needs to define a forward direction and follow it.

The problem that arose was that even though we moved perfectly along the horizontal plane, the camera wouldn’t move up or down like it should have.

Turns out the error was because we used a first-person camera as a base. The first-person camera script didn’t rotate the object for pitch (just the camera). Once that was changed to rotate the object the camera started to function how we wanted it to.