i did a tiny quick game today. it called flowerli.

be award of those beautiful poison flowers. you need to be quick and play till the music ends.

you can take shelter on the big heart, but take care you will lose your energy. charge your energy by going out side and get some points while you rest in the empty space.

you need a D: drive , extract the file into d:\panda3d\

have fun :smiley:


Is there a reason you’re both isolating it to Windows and using absolute paths (requiring a volume named “D:”)? It seems to me that you could eliminate this problem by using relative paths and Panda3D’s own packaging system (or release the source code, but that’s not even necessary to get the portability Panda3D offers). Also, I am curious as to why it needs to be in the Panda3D installation directory. Could you explain?

Just some advice–you may want to consider using 7-Zip instead of RAR to archive your files if you want to reach the widest possible audience. I say this primarily because the former is free and open source while the latter is proprietary. However, 7z’s LZMA algorithm also reaches a higher compression ratio than RAR. Here’s a link to the 7-Zip site in case you’re interested: http://www.7-zip.org/

Furthermore, I notice you use MP3 format for the audio file in the distribution. I would like to also offer the advice of steering clear of MP3 if you wish to achieve the widest possible audience. Not everyone can play MP3 files due to codec licensing restrictions. For more information on this, see the Patent Restriction Issues section of the License Info page in the Manual (http://www.panda3d.org/manual/index.php/License_Info).

thanks i will convert the audio soon.

its not really my installation path of panda3d, its folder where i store projects and panda related stuff. the reason was the time, i know it would just take couple of seconds but i was in hurry. and i love the letter D. :smiley:

also the reason why im isolating it on windows was the time.

i will change this. but its not really something where i wanna spend much of time for. its was jsut a quick idea i had.

Hey, i’d give it a look and a go, but i will definitely not create a folder on my drive D: just for this.
And I too recommend you go for 7zip and also .ogg instead of .mp3
Looking forward for the “proper” release :wink:

i follow the same minds.

check out soon my third try on finishing PJ´s revenge. if im finish this part, im sure its going to be a kickass. but maybe its needs 4 tries for the entire game.

at the moment im experimenting around on my fluidish partical effects. but sad to say, im far away from my goal. first i need to have this calculations running that it fits with my goal, then i have to port the code into glsl. to have the right amount of particles in. and afterwards i have to write the game and doing the graphics and sound for. oh and not to forget, i actually started with c++ (i left python in order for a better performance and for learning something new). so im sure, althought im happy with my learning curve, im sure lots of time i have to spend into learning it and not to forget about the shader programming. so soon means in this case, maybe around a year or so. but one thing for sure, i will try to support so many os´s i can.

…like i know me, lots of tiny games will comealong while developing PJ´s revenge. and at this time im going to share it here.