Flexible string

I have a cylindrical model that I’ve created procedurally. The model is composed of stacked rings, each ring has 8 vertices. I’ve procedurally created triangles to connect the rings. Is there a way to move the rings while maintaining the polygon connections to its neighbor rings? I want to be able to dynamically create bends in the cylindrical model. Can I parent a ring to a dummy node, and move the dummy node around? The trouble is that the cylindrical model is one node. I want to maintain the polygon connections but be able to dynamically change the rings positions.

I’m pretty sure this is possible somehow, I’m not sure the best way to implement it.

You could create a sphere the radius of the rings at the connections. This way, when you turn one segment with respect to another, there will be a nice round edge.

I think you need to connect vertices of ring to the joint and control this joint. But I don’t know how to do it at runtime :frowning:

Or, may be try to use Rope instead your model.