Fixing a frame in the right screen corner

I would like to have a Command&Conquer-like menu at the right corner of the screen. How should I set the frame’s position and size so that it will be fixed at the right , top and bottom corners of the screen?

Is there any way to work with screen coordinates instead of spatial ones when dealing with DirectGUI?

You can use base.a2dTopRight, base.a2dTopLeft, base.a2dBottomLeft or base.a2dBottomRight to make your window automatically positioned to the corners of the screen/window. You can either do this by reparenting your frame to them, or by specifying something like parent=base.a2dXX in the constructor.

Ok, worked fine! But is there an event list? If the user resizes the window I would have to resize the menu… Is there an event for resizing?

Yes, you can catch the “window-event” event.