First Person in Python?

How would I go about setting a camera to make it look like you are in first person? When I originally did this, I set the camera slightly above the character which made it look like you were in first person when you stood still but gave a third person view while actually moving. Unfortunately I lost the source code for that so now I’m back at square one. How would I go about doing this?

Simply parent the camera to the avatar. And by avatar I don’t actually mean the visible model, but an empty node you use for transform of the avatar. You only need the 3d model when out of 1st person view or if you need to see its arms or the like.

The scene graph should look something like this:

+-scene elements
  +-visible model if needed

In your code you only move the node called avatar.

I want you to be able to see the arms while in first person mode

In that case it would be best to model the arms only and parent them to the avatar node too, in a way that makes them visible to the camera.