Firefly tutorial

I found that with the newest version (1.5.2), the firefly tutorial fails because it cannot load “misc/spheres”… This file is in the folder C:\Panda3d-1.5.2\models\misc, but I cannot get python to recognize it. For the moment I copied the spheres.egg.pz file into the media folder of the firefly tutorial, changed the line and it works, but now I am curious as to whether panda no longer looks in its media directory for models anymore? (p.s. this was with clean install)

Can you check your etc\Config.prc file and see what the model path is?

I assume you mean these?

These specify where model files may be loaded from. You probably

want to set this to a sensible path for yourself. $THIS_PRC_DIR is

a special variable that indicates the same directory as this

particular Config.prc file.

model-path $MAIN_DIR
model-path $THIS_PRC_DIR/…
model-path $THIS_PRC_DIR/…/models
sound-path $MAIN_DIR
sound-path $THIS_PRC_DIR/…
sound-path $THIS_PRC_DIR/…/models
texture-path $MAIN_DIR
texture-path $THIS_PRC_DIR/…
texture-path $THIS_PRC_DIR/…/models

Ah. I think someone changed the directory name to “media” and forgot to change the modelpath in the Config.prc to point to “media” instead of “models”.

For now, replace “models” by “media” in those paths in the Config.prc.