fine control over recording from Camera

Hi all,
My next ask is to build a recording system so the team can :

  1. create a path for the camera,
  2. launch the recording :
    2.1 the camera goes to the start of the path,
    2.2 the camera start recording
    2.3 follow the path and stop at the end of the path and stop recording
  3. join the frame generated.

I see how to do much of it (path and co), but is a bit rigid for the recording itself. The duration is hard to get right.

The dark an dirty way would be to set a huge duration, and not joining the frame over a counter. But frankly, i don’t like it :it makes panda not very responsive, it’s a waste of resource, etc…

Any idea ?

If you look at the code for, you can see that it is just spawning a task for “numFrames” duration, and the task kills itself after it renders “numFrames” times.

So, this means you can just specify any arbitrary duration that you know is long enough, like 99999 seconds, and then kill the task explicitly when you’re done, with something like taskMgr.remove(‘movie_task’).


thanks again david, I realise now that I shouldn’t have bothered you and read the source (i can hear myself saying ‘read the source damnit !’ to coworker so i am really inexcusable).
my apologies.