finding a node in the scene

I am trying to find a node in a scene imported from Maya. The scene is basically an character. The node is not a joint of the Actor.
How can I find that node? I tried**/nurbsCircle1*)

This came back empty. This node is used to move a foot using Inverse Kinematics in Maya. I want to see if it will have the same effect in Panda3D, but I can’t seem to be able to select it.

Any help is appreciated.

IK rules are not preserved when you convert your character to Panda. Instead, it just bakes out the animation frame-by-frame exactly as it plays back in Maya.

If you do get a handle to the node and move it around in Panda, it won’t have any affect on other nodes.

That being said, if the node is a control of some kind, then it would have been converted as a joint if it was converted at all. Check to see if the node appears in the egg file. If it is a joint in the egg file, it will be a joint in your Actor (which is different from a node, and you would find it via actor.listJoints()). If it is a regular node in the egg file, it would have been optimized out by the egg loader. You can get it back if you need it via egg-optchar, but remember it won’t have any controls associated with it.