Finally able to use XML in python !

Hi all,

Yesterday, I passed a mark on my project. So it’s not really a scripting issue, but just a post to say I’m happy and point to a useful tool outside panda3D ^-^

I took a long time building an XSD describing everything that should be in a stellar system. So far I’ve never been able to translate it into a USABLE set of classes ! I found many XML-to-whichever-programming-language translators, that spawned python, C++, C# and VB.Net classes, but I was never able to really get into the generated classes to use them effectively.

Now it’s done and that’s thanks to python ! I used a module classed generateDS. I fought a little to make it work with Panda3D’s python because it needs two references that weren’t there : setuptools and lxml. But now it’s a marvel !

It generates a set of classes corresponding to my XSD tree, to de/serialize my data. Now I’ve got to use that classes to code subclasses that will build the required Panda3D objects tree alongside the internal objects tree…

So I may well drop all other 3D engines attempts I did in parallel and settle with Panda3D, as everything comes into place !