Filters and shadows crash

Dear fellow Panda3d users,

I have a problem with filters and shadows.

Just to explain the background:
Basically my game has two views, one view of a globe, the other view of an airport.
When switching between the views, I destroy objects and clear lights of one view and load/set the ones of the other, all works fine so far.

I have a cartoon and bloom filter in the globe view and I have shadows in the airport view.

Now the problem:

  • If I set the filters loading the game which starts the globe view, the filters apply and all is fine until I go to the airport view, the game crashes (python.exe stopped working). To clarify: Going to the airport view deletes the filters and sets the light with the shadowCaster.
  • If I delete and set the filters only when switching the views, the switch with filters and shadows works fine, except that the globe view initiates without filters when the game is started. (they only apply the second time the globe view is loaded).

So it seems that when I set the light which has the shadowcaster the first time together with deleting the filters this causes a crash. Why or how to avoid it I have no idea.

If I set the setShadowCaster(False) all works fine as well, except there are no shadows ofcourse.

Any help would be great!