Filter for collision calls.

Is there a way to filiter just for collision calls? I ask cause I think I found my problem but not really sure to make of it. I took out all of the collision on my bullit objects and rays and found that when I still shoot the bullits theres collision going on still. In pstatclient its saying theres alot of “pass1” going on but only the camera and the environment has any collision. Does panda check for collision even if a object has no collision?

If there are collisions going on, it means you have added one or more objects to a collision traverser, and you haven’t removed them. If you think this list is supposed to be empty, but you’re still seeing collisions, I bet you’re not cleaning something up properly. Try:

print base.cTrav

to print all of the colliders you have currently assigned to the standard collision traverser. That may give you some insight. Of course, if you have a custom ColliisionTraverser, you should print that one too.


If you’re using a callback-based collision system, you can specify custom syntax for your collision event names and trip the callback only for certain collision events. If you’re using a queue system, you can dig into the collision event data for each item in the queue and act appropriately.

But as drwr said, if you don’t think you should be seeing collisions and yet collisions are being generated at all… you have something generating collisions.

I’m not sure, I check and seem to have stop most of the other collisions going but it seems to run real slow and pstat says thers a larg collision going on when I shoot the gun. Really shouldnt but i’m not sure. Using the octree collision so it shouldnt be as bad as it is. Maybe someone could check it out?

Right now, its checking via collision with the bullit, there is commented out code for a ray too. Line 2188 (I put notepad 2 so you can see the line numbers on the side…

Yea sorry to bump, but could someone check it out? I seems to get really high collision count, in the upper 2171… even thought I only have me and a few bullits on the screen. I remember panda being slow after a few collision so this is like over board really lol.