Fight 4 Life! A strategic fighting game

Hello! Me and my friend have decided to make a game to earn some money! So, I am pretty sure that if the game costs money, you wouldn’t want to get it. But it is at the cheap price of 2$! (1$ for each of us). So there will be an official website of the game which we haven’t created yet.

More details come when the website is created!

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The main idea is that we will first release a beta version. This is the free version of the game and it is used for testing the game for bugs. If you find a bug, you can report it to us. The beta version is for free, but if you get it for free you will have to pay when the official release comes out. But if you pay the same price for beta, you can get the official release for free.


@panda3dmastercoder, Hello! Could you answer a few of my questions? If so, here they are:

  1. Who is your friend who will help you develop the game? Of course, I already have a little guess who he is (@thaumaturge), but maybe not.
  2. Will the beta version be open for download? Can players download the beta source code? By the way, I advise you to create an alpha version first. Of course, I haven’t created large projects, but I still know something about games :slight_smile: By the way, many popular games started with alpha versions. The same world-famous video game Minecraft.
    Thank you for your attention, all the best for the development of this project!

Hahah, I can affirm that I have not been approached about this project, as far as I recall! XD;

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So I almost guessed all the same :slight_smile: Good luck with your development!


Ah, I’m not quite sure of what you mean here. ^^;

To be clear, I’m not part of this project!

Thank you! And I hope that your development goes well! :slight_smile:

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  1. My friend is my school friend
  2. Beta is free to download but you will have to pay for the real release. If you pay for beta then you can get the real release free.
  3. No, the source code is private, but add-on creators can get the source code if they ask me or my friend, and if we believe it is ok, we will give it to them
  4. Alpha is also there, but it is pretty dumb, and releasing it will cause bad reviews of our game.
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The first thing I want to note: the alpha version may be completely closed, its release may be even a year after the official release, or when the game becomes popular. Of course, this is my opinion, not my game, yours. Do what you want. And one more thing: can I participate in the development? (We will discuss in private messages if I can participate.) I work well with blender and can help you.

Ok, you can make models.

But, just a question: what models should I make? You have not told about the game, even what it is. Please tell us what this game is about and I will make the corresponding models.


Good luck with your project! But perhaps it is best to wait with creating a Showcase thread until there is something to show? :slight_smile:

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We were going to show something, but my friend unexpectedly got exams, so now we gotta stop.

Sorry guys! The game development is dead for a month or two. :frowning:

Oh, I sat there waiting. Joke. It is better to delete the topic, and really create it when there is something to show.

I will release Alpha 0.0.1 today evening (hopefully.) The release is in the forms, but the website is coming soon.

Hi! I made the update:

Fight For Life Extreme Walking Test Siulator!

Or Alpha 0.0.1
[Fight For|attachment](upload:// (333.8 KB)

I think that your link is broken…

Oh. Ok. I will send a google drive link.