FFMPEG updated version on plugin to get extended codecs?

Hi Community!

I am successfully building a media player and image sequence player using Panda3d.

But I found that the current release do not support latest codecs from ffmpeg (In my case DNXHR), which I assume is a result of not having a current version of ffmpeg on the ffmpeg plugin.

What is the version being used on 1.10.5? Should I try to compile a newer version or is better to leave that as a request?

Thanks so much!


I checked the Windows build, and unfortunately we have not updated it in a while, since the Windows build still appears to be using FFmpeg git-920046a (2013-08-21).

Thanks rbd. Is there any way I can help to update it? Or it’s a pretty complicated process. I know FFMPEG is not an easy beast to build, but I am willing to try if you guys think is of benefit to the development.

We currently use the Zeranoe builds of FFmpeg since it’s quite complicated to compile it from source on Windows. We’d basically just need to update this, and then build a new release of Panda3D:

Do you know which version of FFmpeg introduces the feature you need?

Seems that they started implementing those codecs around 2017, so I would say anything version 4 would work. I can try to setup my environment to build Panda and explore different versions to find one that have newer codecs but also does not break any of the current functionality of P3D, as I guess that would be the backlash of getting the newest version.

Yes, I am slightly reluctant to update the library so significantly for the next stable release of Panda3D, but you could compile Panda from source with any version of FFmpeg you like.

DNxHD was added in 0.5, according to the changelog:

I will do that and report back results.

DNxHD was implemented long ago, but DNxHr , the new version of the codec that was implemented later and is not reported in the change log. The difference between them is that DNxHD only support up to HD resolutions, which is kind of outdated now a days.


Successfully built with version 3.2.4 of FFMPEG. That is the version that currently was in the CMakeLists.txt on the latest thirdparty download, so I didn’t touch it. Playback of latest codecs is working great, and I feel that is more stable/solid on playback/framerate… but that could be just placebo.

Tried to build a version with setuptools, but keeps downloading the whl from the internet. Is there a way to force setuptools to use my current whl build on a local directory? I did a quick search and could not find a direct solution.


Sorry, what is buildtools? Do you mean you are trying to use setuptools to deploy a Panda3D application with your self-built .whl?

If so, you can add a line to your requirements.txt like -f path/to/directory/containing/wheel/ which will tell it where you can find your .whl file.

Sorry, “setuptools”. I corrected the original post.

Works like a charm. Thanks so much rdb!

Now that I have a working build environment for Panda3D, will try to implement drag and drop from desktop.