Few coding questions.

First of, most if not all tutorials i go to download are broken links… And also the video tutorials are all broken… :cry:

Anyway, what does this mean and how can i define it:

class Client(DirectObject):
NameError: name 'DirectObject' is not defined

Also i downloaded some Mysql thing for a Server/Client setup, where do i put the mysql files?

I seen something about a direct X blender exporter, which i have, can Panda3D use direct X files? What should i use for my models .x or .egg? Which is better? What’s the difference…?

I did the panda tutorial, and i must say, i love how easy things were and i really can’t wait to bite my way through more tutorials! Could someone link me to some more tutorials?

Thanks :slight_smile:.

This means that this name is not defined. You can define it by

(1) Writing your own class ‘DirectObject’. This name has to be a class object, or Python will complain about it having the wrong type for a parent class).

(2) Import this name from somewhere else.

You want to do the later:

from direct.showbase.DirectObject import DirectObject

For a bit of (serious) fun: Start your python interpreter, type the following command, and pay attention to the very last line.

import this