Fedora 9?

I dont know much about how Fedora versions differ,but i just got Fedora 9 this week and i really liked it.I want to know,can i use the Panda3d Fedora 8 rpm installer for Fedora 9?

I’m not sure whether it will work, you should try it out.
If not, you will have to wait till 1.5.3 comes out, which will include Fedora 9 rpms. (1.5.3 will be released very soon, I’m hoping still this week.)

New version?Ql.What are the changes?
PS.I dont want to make another post so ill ask it here.How is Panda3d with Blender?I mean can i convert .blend files to .egg(thats 3d file,right?) with some tool that comes with the installation?

option 2 is the recommended one. chicken exporter totaly rocks, be sure to read the chicken manual file.

about the upcoming release. well guess you should have a look at the changelogs if you want to know whats new.

Very helpful,thanks :slight_smile:

So,1.53 is out and no fedora version?hmm?

1.5.3 is not out yet, regardless of what the download page says. We’re still in the process of uploading the binaries.

:confused: Kinda weird.Anyway,i cant wait! :smiley: