Fedora 19 installation problem

I tried to find a rpm package for fedora 19 but after hours i didn’t found nothing. So there is anyone who got a rpm(home made is fine for me) or show me a tutorial who explain how to built oneself a rpm package of panda3d. And why panda3d isn’t in yum official repository it’s open source and a free software.

ps: Sorry for my english i’m french.

I have the same problem in the Fedora 19, exists a RPM package of 1.8.0 version, panda3d.org/download.php?pla … =1.8.0&sdk
but I didn’t get install. Some of my problems are in this post [SOLVED]Installing Panda3D on Ubuntu 12.04 Bheta

I just built it you need to run the build command like this:
python ./makepanda/makepanda.py --everything --installer

I got make the installer with some dependences only, but now don’t install. Fedora 20.

Transaction check error:
the file /usr/bin from Install Panda3D-1.8.1-1.x86_64 conflicts with file from package filesystem-3.2-19.fc20.x86_64