FC4 + x86_64 ?

hello everyone !

i just downloaded the latest panda, installed trhu rpm and had no problems. But when i try to run it, i get the following error msg :

[knu@knu ~]$ ppython /usr/share/panda3d/samples/GreetingCard/GreetingCard.py
DirectStart: Starting the game.
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/share/panda3d/samples/GreetingCard/GreetingCard.py”, line 1, in ?
import direct.directbase.DirectStart
File “/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/panda3d-1.1.0/BUILDROOT/usr/share/panda3d/direct/src/directbase/DirectStart.py”, line 3, in ?
File “/usr/src/redhat/BUILD/panda3d-1.1.0/BUILDROOT/usr/share/panda3d/direct/src/showbase/ShowBase.py”, line 6, in ?
File “/usr/share/panda3d/pandac/PandaModules.py”, line 1, in ?
from libpandaexpressModules import *
File “/usr/share/panda3d/pandac/libpandaexpressModules.py”, line 1, in ?
from libpandaexpress import *
ImportError: /usr/lib/panda3d/libpandaexpress.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

I’m on X86_64 FC4 , could this be a problem ?

thanks in advance !

I got FC4-x86 and I assure you that Panda runs almost fine on 1.1.0 but suspect that the problem is not what you have pointed out: to me lloks like there is a permission problem with /usr/lib/panda3d/libpandaexpress.so so check it out and try to fix it.