I’m wondering why there isn’t a fbx2egg.exe file shipped with panda since there is a free fbxsdk that seems quite nice .

Nobody has ever needed it ? or it is that there are other complication ?

Would you be willing to write a C++ converter for that format?

Apart from 3ds max what uses fbx? Maya? Lightwave? Wouldn’t it be better to improve a bit the max exporter (support for multi/sub-object materials and vertex colour) than make a converter form scratch?

first, there are no max2egg nowadays , only a plugin for max (and with the kind of sdk that max use it will be hard to create), and what I need is an external program.

second the usefulness of an fbx converter will be that the installation of maya ( or max) on the computer will no longer be necessary.

@prosoft: that precisely why I’m talking of it : we currently wondering if we do it, but we were discussing the use of the sdk in python with cTypes,…
what is your opinion about that ?

Well, you could try it using ctypes, but then we can’t integrate it in Panda’s SomethingToEgg interface.

To my knowledge fbx is the cross 3d editor format at the moment (excluding blender). I know dea wants to take its place but its not quite there.