FBX to EGG advise.

I am horrible with Blender, so I decided to purchase a prototype content pack for the unity engine in hopes that I could get the models to work in panda. (it was just $15)

Now that I have all the models I find they are in the FBX format which I learned is Maya, unfortunately I do not have Maya (and am probably worse with it than blender). I downloaded the converter:

usa.autodesk.com/adsk/servlet/pc … d=10775855

Converted the file into OBJ and imported it into blender but it appears the animations did not come with it. (The converter had an option checked to export animations)

The FBX file was 1.2mb the OBJ is 0.5mb…

This could be a user error where I am not looking in the right spot for the animations, but I think I would see them if i changed my window configuration at the top of Blender to “SR:1 - Animation”

Also when I select to export from blender the Chicken plugin does not give me a button for exporting animations.

I saw that there are maya2egg scripts in the Tools folder however they require Maya be installed.

Is there anything else I can try to get a FBX file into EGG format with animations w/o having to get Maya?

Thanks in advance for any advise,

OBJ file format does not support animations. You can try the DirectX file format (a.k.a. X file format), if you can find a maya -> X converter.

Other than that, perhaps you can find a friend with Maya who can run maya2egg for you.


I have been searching for a few hours now with no luck. I might need to make a friend with Maya.

Just a sidenote, 3dsmax eats .fbx too.