"Fatal error" in maya2egg2010 with textures [SOLVE

Hi all,

I’m on a team here at CMU that is currently trying to improve and fix the maya2egg tool, and we may have our first candidate for a bugfix…

Has anyone else had maya2egg2010 crash on them using Panda 1.7.0 and spit out a “Fatal Error” when they try to egg out a scene with a file texture applied?

We’ve recreated this error on two 64bit OS (win7 and Vista). I was wondering if anyone has used maya2egg2010 on a different OS and been able to egg out a file. We have also been able to use a maya2egg compiled for Panda 1.6.2 and it worked fine on Win 7. SO if you feel like helping us and everyone in the community out a bit, please test the egger with a scene with file textures in it. (Our simple test was a sphere with a .jpg applied in maya’s color channel).

Thanks in advance, and if you hit any bugs or errors, please post them so we can get them fixed ASAP. If this truly is a legit bug I’m going to post it on launchpad so the community can track our progress in fixing it.

Thanks again.

EDIT: This is actually a problem with Panda vs Maya’s Python libraries. You have to essentially catch the exception thrown in executionEnviroment if anyone’s interested

Hello, sorry for my English (google_translate helps me :unamused:), I have this trouble.
On Mac OSX 10.5.8 with Maya 2010, Panda 1.7.0(be precise BuildBot “Panda3D-2010.02.23-65.dmg”) and installed Python 2.6.4 from dmg.

Initializing Maya.
Fatal Error. Attempting to save in /var/folders/Bh/BhINxOO4EuytgGoScV7P+k+++TI/-Tmp-/user.20100224.0244.ma
user-macbook-pro:~ user$

I had pre installed Python 2.5.1 (from Apple) before install Python 2.6.4 and the terminal gave me an error with the python libraries, requested version 2.6
And besides without texture my *.mb model has exported well

Well, the only real way I know of to get the “fix” (and I use that term loosely, just like it’s author). Is to actually compile the current version of Panda from the CVS sourcecode repository. Not sure if you did that or not. If you did, then perhaps there is a real bug in the egger, but usually when it errors out like that it’s a maya issue. The current one has to do with how maya’s python libs interact with the ones for panda and a standalone python install as well.

EDIT: I have to mention here that there is a good deal of effort going into getting Autodesk to address this problem with calling it’s Python libs.

Installation fresh Buildbot for Mac OSX (Panda3D-2010.02.24-68.dmg) has corrected exportation of models with textures. Now all is excellent.

Good to hear. Let me know if anything else comes up. We don’t have any Mac’s lying around to test on, and I don’t even want to try VMware or something ridiculous like that.


just ran into this again with maya2egg2011 on OSX 10.6, fresh buildbot (2010.09.28). how did you fix it before?

Here’s the stack trace:

Stack trace:
  4   Python                              0x09ddc5e9 PySys_GetObject + 21
  5   libp3dtool.1.7.dylib                0x02681f12 ExecutionEnvironment::ns_get_environment_variable(std::string const&) const + 322
  6   libp3dtool.1.7.dylib                0x026829e3 ExecutionEnvironment::expand_string(std::string const&) + 579
  7   libp3dtoolconfig.1.7.dylib          0x026e11fe ConfigVariableSearchPath::reload_search_path() + 638
  8   maya2egg2011-wrapped                0x0001ad64 MayaToEggConverter::set_shader_legacy(EggPrimitive&, MayaShader const&, bool) + 660
  9   maya2egg2011-wrapped                0x0002838b MayaToEggConverter::make_polyset(MayaNodeDesc*, MDagPath const&, MFnMesh const&, EggGroup*, MayaShader*) + 2571
  10  maya2egg2011-wrapped                0x0002f3ad MayaToEggConverter::process_model_node(MayaNodeDesc*) + 4445
  11  maya2egg2011-wrapped                0x0002f661 MayaToEggConverter::convert_hierarchy(EggGroupNode*) + 193
  12  maya2egg2011-wrapped                0x0003099a MayaToEggConverter::convert_maya() + 2010
  13  maya2egg2011-wrapped                0x00030bf6 MayaToEggConverter::convert_file(Filename const&) + 262
  14  maya2egg2011-wrapped                0x0000dadd MayaToEgg::run() + 1181
  15  maya2egg2011-wrapped                0x000120f1 main + 81
  16  maya2egg2011-wrapped                0x0000d629 start + 53

I looked through those functions, and I see from the comments that someone doesn’t have a high opinion of set_shader_legacy(). If I make it use set_shader_modern() instead, will that help - and where do you change that flag?

Hi all -

I’d love to test out maya2egg2010 (or 2011), but I can’t find them anywhere in the 1.7.0 release or 1.7.1 snapshot builds (for windows). As far as I can tell, the egging programs only go up through Maya 2009.

I’m actually in need of the Maya 2010 egg plug-in, so I’d like to see it included soon. Hopefully you can get it fixed.

to clarify, I didn’t get the exporter from one of the releases; we compiled panda from the current CVS, which builds versions of maya2egg to match whichever version of Maya you have installed.

In this case we also copied the built maya2egg2011 to another machine also running osx 10.6 and maya 2011, but with the rest of panda already installed from the current buildbot snapshot. It works, but has this problem with the file textures…

That makes more sense. …so the egging utilities are in the repository, not the builds, and are currently non-functional.

it’s not that bad - the maya2egg2011 we built on win 7 64 has no problems we’ve found yet, the crash was only on mac snow leopard. i suspect it’s something to do with the build environment, but haven’t figured out quite what’s going on yet.

BUT - you said you need 2010 - are you sure that isn’t in the 1.7 or buildbot releases? I think it should be included - it’s definitely included in the Mac ones, so I’d expect the windows builds would have it too.

I haven’t seen it in either location. I can only find the maya egg tools up through 2009. Dragging the MayaPandaTool GUI into the Maya interface is unsuccessful as well, since it can’t find the maya2egg2010 tool.