Fallout Equestria - A classical RPG looking for support

Hey !

So, I’ve been hanging around this forum for more or less a year now, most of the problems I’ve had have been solved one way or the other and I’m very grateful to the community for that !

During this year I’ve been working on the same project and it has shown a few interesting results lately, though it is still far from being ready in any way. There’s a little video I’ve uploaded to present a few of the features we’ve been working on lately.


EDIT: and here’s a video of our game editor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-Jd6xaLq-E

This is a good old RPG engine inspired by the Fallout series in its early days (mostly Fallout 1 and 2, with some of the goodies brought by Tactics’ interface).
If you had any doubt, yes this is a pony-themed videogame. The game occurs in the universe of Fallout Equestria, a MLP fanfiction that received an incredibly positive response from the bronies. Which must be why this project has received a warm welcome as well, even though we’re far from done.

However, the goal is not only to release a MLP Fallout Equestria game, it is also to make game editing tools simple enough and with enough 3D material that developing other Fallout-like games would become as easy as possible, while targeting Windows, Linux and OSX.

When we started this project, there was no experimented Panda3D developer with us.
And I still don’t believe I am qualified as an experimented Panda3D developer. This situation has caused a few issues in the past, some of which still remains now.

If you find the project interesting, I’m always glad to talk about it.
And if anyone think we are worth helping, we are right now looking for pretty much any kind of help (mostly code review from people who actually understand Panda3D, and creators of 3D content).
I’m also considering the idea of setting up a bounty for solving some of the main issues we have… though I’m not sure I would be able to round up enough money, or if that’s even a good idea to start with.

Any reaction :slight_smile: ?

EDIT: Note that the project is entirely C++, no Python involved.

Hey there! Okay, i’m VERY interested in helping you. Jobs like these oftenly just come and go, but i hope that this project will work out. I’ve been working in Atom Bomb Entertainment for some time already, but the owner wasn’t rly that active. Please, add me on Skype: freddyfrbot