facial mocap and emotion detection library?

So I’m looking for two libraries, preferrably which have Python bindings, but not required. Need Linux support. Preferrably open source/free, but again not required.

  1. Realtime facial mocap.
    I need a library which can take video stream from an UVC (USB) camera and do markerless motion capture. It is for a multiplayer experience where persons facial expressions have to be applied to their virtual avatars.
    In this day and age when we have markerless facial motion capture in Snapchat, the iPhone X emojis and such I don’t see why why there wouldn’t be a similar library for Windows/Linux.

  2. Emotion recognition library.
    For the same game, but used by AIs.
    Such as this:
    Sadly the person who was working on this apparently passed away.
    I haven’t found a similar library.