Exporting Special blender textures with Chicken (Halo, etc.)

First of all, let me preface this by stating that I am not familiar with the terminology. At all.
My problem is (hopefully) a fairly common, fairly trivial one… But the problem is, I have been applying certain “special” textures to my models in Blender (Wireframe, Mirror, etc), and they don’t apply when loaded in Panda.

This is what it looks like rendered in Blender:

This is what it looks like rendered in panda after being exported from chicken.

How do I get these “advanced” textures to apply?

Sorry, but some things are just too slow for realtime. Even if egg format did support halos and so did Panda, it would be simply too slow. The effect I see in your screenshot can be done with point sprites with a ‘halo’ texture, but thats few extra lines of code.
Panda and just about any engine will require you to use UV for texture input and you wont be able to get much more than the color, ambient, specular, diffuse, emission and shininess of your materials. And your texture should be an image file. This isnt a panda issue, you likely wont get these anywhere. Egg exporter allows normal maps, specular maps and glow maps to be set in Blender and it will work out of the box in Panda, but when shader generator is enabled, as these effects require shaders.
I think this is all.

Like I said, I’m very new with the terminology…

Point sprites? Like, throw in extra models to represent those points, or what?

Gogo Wikipedia!

…And I have really no idea how to mess with anything beyond what you would normally get by drawing an image.
I assume these are things you can also mess with directly within panda…

Specular/glow maps? What are those? And how do I add shaders? What are they? Know of a “guide to texturing for complete and utter noobs”? …Actually maybe I should just look for the “For dummies” book. :laughing:

Is there any “easy” (read: feasible) way to replicate the wireframe though? Because that’s the more interesting part to me (because it looks really, really nice as a frame around the “core” of the figure).

EDIT: Found it. :smiley: setRenderModeWireframe()
Now I just have to set the different parts of the figure as different egg models.

I didnt know your level of knowledge, so this might sound complicated for you…
Maybe a glow map would be easier but then you would need to have it enabled on the whole scene. I really dont know what method will be less confusing for you.

UV is also explained in the Manual. Actually, Panda’s manual is probably the best place for info.
It will answer most of your questions and you might not need to go anywhere else for info, at least at this stage. In the future you could check out the API reference.
I really suggest you to read it. You can skip the following pages for now if they confuse you: half of “Render Attributes” section, most of the “Texturing” section, “Shaders”, “Advanced operations with Panda3D’s internal structures”, 3,4 of “Render-to-Texture and Image Postprocessing”, “Panda3D Rendering Process”, except 6.e - How to control render order, search astelix’s collision tutorials, which are alot easier to understand than the “Collision Detection” section, “Math Engine”, “Physics”, and anything below that.
In fact you might never need to read some of the sections, like the one showing how to generate a geometry from scratch.

Thats also in the manual.

You might notice the lines are the same tickness regardless of the camera distance, this isn’t a bug or anything, just use .setRenderModePerspective(True) if you don’t want that effect.
As for splitting it into multiple egg files, you dont need to. Just have them as separate objects (meshes) in Blender and export it as 1 egg. Then you could access the individual ‘pieces’ with nodepath’s find() function. Thats also in th manual.

My level of knowledge is “Just picked up Blender for the first time about a week ago for a school project due in two years”-complete and utter noob, but very able and willing to learn, if not exactly very good at search-fu.

I have no idea what point sprites or a glow map are. I’ll look them up, although if you have any links handy it’d save me time.

I have been slowly working through the manual, but it’s a lot of material and I’m a slow and lazy reader-for the most part, I’ve just been trying to find the stuff I need. Guess I might want to just read it from front to back… 'Specially because I’ve looked for a lot of things that I couldn’t find (for example: that creating geometry from scratch bit). Thanks for the tips. Gogo rtfm. :V

Well, you need to put some effort in it.
Just use google,
Use Panda3d manual’s search:

use Panda3d forum’s search

Blender is not a part of Panda3d, if you want help on modelling, use the Blenderartists forum, google, and the Blender wiki:
wiki.blender.org/index.php/Doc:T … troduction
For help on ‘Chicken’ exporter specifically, open chicken in Blender and click on the “Help” button which will open chickens manual:

You can use Ctr + F in your Web Browser to find a word in a webpage, this will help you find things even faster.

Only after that if you didnt find an answer, post a question in the forums or irc. I know I did from the links i posted.
because otherwise we are both wasting more time.