Exporting panda 3d output

I want to create a code in opencv which uses the simulation done in panda3d does some image processing on it and then asks the simulation in panda3d and then make the character move according to it. I checked the net but could not find any answer to it, is there any way to take the output generated by panda and pass it over to opencv or can we write the out put to some avi or other file which can then be redirected to opencv I will be grateful if we could direct the output to opencv since this will be easier.
Sorry to bother if some similar question was posted(i could not find it), please direct me to it.

Not entirely sure what you’re asking here, but if you want to capture the rendered frame into an image file, you can use:


or if you want to save it to an image in-memory instead of writing it to disk, you can use:

p = PNMImage()

If you want a sequence of moving frames over time, you can start a task that does this every frame. Of course that will slow down rendering considerably.


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