Exporting models from Blender 2.82 to BAM

Hi I have recently been modeling test models to use with Panda 3D, but I cannot find ANY exporters. YABEE does not work, and yes I installed blender 2.73 but it did NOT load my models which I worked hard on, and couldn’t load the geometry on the older blender version. The only exporters out there are last updated 4 years ago.

I have been trying to find a way around this for days. There has to be more support on exporting add-ons to .EGG or .BAM files. (Preferably BAM because of file size).

Unity has a feature in which you can directly bring in a .BLEND file into the studio and it will be usable inside the studio without exporting. Maybe Panda 3D could have this feature in the future, it would help a lot.

To export your models into BAM you can use:

blend2bam https://github.com/Moguri/blend2bam This is a cli tool which exports models from .blend file into bam


a tool comes with Panda3D – egg2bam. It converts egg files into bam

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You can also install panda3d-gltf, this will add glTF loading support to panda3d. You can export your models into glTF from Blender without any additional addons.

The panda3d-blend2bam package also comes with a file loader (only supported if you’re using Python) so you can load blend files directly. However, I recommend only doing this for development and that you pre-convert your files to BAM for shipping “release” builds.

I haven’t tried this yet myself, but there has been some work done on a Blender 2.8 fork of YABEE:

YABEE 14.9