Exporting from blender using .x

Hello! When I try to export models in blender with the .x file format, there is no option.
Only .x3d is there.

It seems to me that it might perhaps be better to ask this question in a Blender community–for one thing, I imagine that you’re more likely to find useful answers there.

For what it’s worth, I took a quick look at the version of Blender that I use, and it likewise doesn’t have an option to export to .x.

This is not a question about Panda3D.

I recommend against using .x to export to Panda3D, anyway. You should use gltf, bam or egg.

In version 2.79a of blender i can enable exporting to DirectX but it’s a addon feature.
It’s under user preferences in add-ons in import-export.