Exporting from blender help

I’m having trouble exporting a model from blender, only some of the textures are appearing in the model, others aren’t.

The error message I’m getting is when I load the model in panda3d.

:pnmimage:png(warning): iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile

This is the model I am trying to convert to an .egg.
The bottom, inside and tires all have the correct textures when I convert it, but the body of the car is missing the orange color and the stripes

Hi Kal,
It appears that the body of the car uses a shader node:

And if you check the original Yabee post:

There’s no mention of Yabee being able to export shader nodes.
You could test if that is truly the case by creating a texture for the body and checking if it exports correctly.

So I am wondering what should I do if the model I want to transform contains a shader node? I am new to Blender and I dont know how to fix this to suit YABEE.