Exporting bjects and animations

Hi!! I’m new of Panda3D and I need your help!! :cry:

I’ve installed XSI 7.0 on my computer (it’s really good) and i started making my own models and animations…

but then i thought: “how can I export models and the animation with this program?”

So I tried with some advice that i’ve found in the manual (i’ve exported a .x file and converted in a .egg file.)

I tried with a simple object and that worked!! wow! :slight_smile:

but then i tried exporting a model from an animation, but i couldn’t do it!!

How can I do? is there anyone that has XSI?

Thanks and sorry for my english… :smiley:

Sorry no known way exists to get stuff out of XSI. There should be some form of export path to Max after which you can export.