Exporting animations from blender using chicken?

How do I do this. I have a walk animation, so how can I export it?

There is a button AddAnim (forgot the exact name) in Chicken Export menu - choose the frameRate, beginFrame, endFrame and name and usually choose the animation files to be separate from the basic egg file.
Have in mind that you have to select the model which has the armature.

I can’t see anything…

I uploaded the model to mediafire, can someone help me?



Now I see the problem - You’ve missed one important step - you must attach the armature to the body - F9->Modifiers->Add Modifier->Armature and write the name of the armature to the Ob. entry. I think you had to deselect Envelopes button too.
Now when you export the model in the menu you’ll see the ‘Add Animation’ button.

P.S. When I did this the body stretched - I’m not sure why. I usually first attach the armature and then make the weight and animations. Have in mind that you should not parent the armature to the body (Ctrl-P).

I can’t do this. f*** blender! I really hate that program. Can you upload the model to mediafire?


fileconvoy.com/dfl.php?id=g3 … 0c3adcd673

You can see the button now and the armature in the modifier, but there is something wrong with the blend file - in outliner you should see the objects (body) you’ve made, but it is under the squelette armature object. I’m not an expert in Blender, but I think it’s not correct.

P.S. I added the armature to the chest only - it should be added to all human body parts.

There are programs which can make human body and its armature - maybe you can take a look at them - e.g. makehuman.