Exporting a model with a normal map from blender.


I am new to Panda3d and blender. So I don’t know much of them and I was hoping someone could help me.
I am using blender 5.57 and panda3d 1.7.2.

After learning allot these last days I decided I would try to import an simple model that would use a normal map. As I read in the manual the Shader Generator must automatically create the shader for the model. To view the normal map effect in pview I need to press L and P. But The model doesn’t appear to have a normal map only the diffuse.

The normal map is applied in blender. When I activate GLSL in blender it show the model with the normal map. If I open the exported X file in notepad I don’t see anything in there about normal, local or bump map.

I tried exporting a dae. But it doesn’t work. None of the textures go. Not even the diffuse.

You can download the blend, X, EGG files of my model here. The texture files are also in there.


And where can I find information about the normal mapping in panda3d I looked in the manual but I can’t find it.


If you use Blender 2.49 and Chicken you shouldn’t have problems (I obtained normal mapped models without troubles). And in the Chicken’s documentation there is a section dedicated to that.

Normal Maps are even easier to do if you do the work out side of Blender and use Panda’s APIs to do the rest of the work.

I guess doing it through Blender is the “fav.” So it seems anyway. :slight_smile: