Exporting 3D scene

Hello, is there any way where i can export my 3d scene from panda3d, to egg file as a single 3d model for example?

Yup! See this manual page for details.

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The answer is slightly wrong.

  1. Step is to save your scene in .bam file.
  2. Use the bam2egg utility.

However, this process involves data loss.

A list of useful utilities.

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I mean, that is one of the approaches listed on the manual page, I believe.


thank you both of you for your answer.
Well, how can I save my scene in .bam? what piece of code should I use to do that? is there any example of doing so?

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EDIT: Found it, I should use render.writeBamFile(file_name)
Is there a way to convert that .bam to fbx ?

You can use the 3D editor as an intermediate step.

bam2egg ā†’ egg2x ā†’ Open format x in blender ā†’ Then you can save it in any format

But you need to remember that losses are inevitable, and there are no guarantees of the result

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Oh, Iā€™m so inattentive and lazy. At the same time, I remember updating the example code.

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Ah, we all miss things sometimes, I daresay!