Exporter Hatcher

I have long published my own exporter, but blender’s rejection of game properties as a material concept put an end to this.

However, I decided to start with a clean slate, for this I came to a safe concept, editing the main properties of the game has been moved to Panda.


Project page:

However, while I was looking for the possibility of creating my own classes in Panda, I came to the conclusion that it is not so difficult to implement direct loading .blend files. This will greatly speed up the exchange between the editor and the engine at the development stage. Therefore, this concept is already outdated.

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Yeah. I didn’t liked that too. I didn’t find any alternative for those properties so I’m just storing them in text data with the same name as an object.

I also came to this, this method is more flexible and allows you to have libraries of materials.

However, the API Panda has a drawback if the same object has polygons with different materials. At the moment, there is no way to replace it programmatically.