Exporter Hatcher [Old]

I’m sorry I do not know English .
But decided to report on the project .

Exporter Hatcher


Egg exporter for the Blender No test < 2.7


  • Meshes
  • UV layers
  • Materials
  • Textures
  • Collision

Tested Windows

Link project: github.com/serkkz/Hatcher


  1. Download zip: github.com/serkkz/Hatcher/archive/master.zip
  2. Run Blender
  3. Then press Ctrl+Alt+U
  4. Select “Add-ons”
  5. Press “Install from File”
  6. Select the downloaded zip file with Hatcher

Hatcher will be installed in the user’s home directory.
After installation you can find “Panda3D: Tools” in “Addons”. You must
check the box to use it.

Hi, cool!

Could you write a few sentences about what this improves compared to YABEE or the BAM exporter?

Direct manipulation of the structure egg. By blendera interface.

Then I add the other egg options.

For example, you can fine-tune the texture.

another example of the job, Collide

Export Textures(NORMAL, NORMAL_HEIGHT, GLOW, GLOSS, HEIGHT, SELECTOR) and the UV coordinates have been corrected

Exporter updated.
Added additional collision option.